These BFFs Built a Tiny House Neighborhood So They Could All Live Right Next to Each Other

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Living on the same block as all of your best friends is something that many dream about, but few probably get to experience. But for four couples in Texas, that dream was enough to incite them to create what the internet is dubbing “Bestie Row,” a mini neighborhood where they could all live in houses lined right up next to each other.

Looking to escape the daily grind of their lives in Austin for a lifestyle that was a bit more nature-oriented, the eight friends purchased ten acres of land near the Llano River. The couples, an eco-conscious bunch, hired architect Matt Garcia to design four energy-efficienttiny houses, each clocking in at approximately 350 square feet and costing around $40,000 apiece.

Each tiny house boasts a bedroom, living room, and bathroom, and was constructed with a minimalist motif—think concrete floors, grained plywood, and a metal exterior. Garcia also constructed an additional 1,500-square-foot cabin with a kitchen and living area as a bigger space for the friends to congregate.

With a limited water supply to work with, the friends needed to play to the area’s dry climate. “This is a magical place, but it’s arid,” Fred Zipp, one the homeowners, told Garden and Gun. “We’re doing what we can to reserve as much water as possible for the native trees and grasses. Fortunately, they’re beautiful.” To that extent, Garcia installed a “butterfly” roof on each home to capture rainwater that’s then recirculated to help supply water around the property.

We honestly can’t imagine anything more fulfilling than getting to live next door to our best friends, surrounded by nature. Fortunately, when the couples are away, they rent the property out to others who are hoping to capture a little taste of this special lifestyle.

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