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This is just beautiful! Love the design and color scheme!
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Welcome to the guest loft!

When building a small space, it’s important to maximize the space you have. To maximize this space, @maxwellianthurgoodthethird and I added a second loft that could be used for guests or storage and creativity.

The ceiling had to also be given much thought in order to be safe and functional. As is code, we built this house with a 2/12 pitch angle slanting towards the back of the house. But unlike a normal house, there is no room for an attic which is important In order to vent your insulation and prevent mold. So we decided to spray foam insulate the house which is really the only choice as it also greatly increases the sheathing rating, locking the house together.
We also wanted the lighting to be modern so we added gimbal can lights so that the lighting can be directed straight down rather than with the angle of the roof. This required us to make custom boxes to shield the lighting from the insulation and roof as to not create a fire hazard.

Also, all the lights are connected to smart switches so they can be controlled by voice command as well as by phone from anywhere.
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