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Well, the website for My Tiny House Trip is officially launched, so I guess there’s no turning back now! LOL! I’m actually excited to be taking this next step into my tiny house journey. My name is Jerry, and I have a not so unfamiliar story. For many years, my life was on the fast track. I worked my way up the corporate ladder, branched off and started my own businesses, got married, acquired toys and went on vacations. For what seems like so long, I worked hard and many, many long days to support my lifestyle. But I never seemed to be satisfied, I always felt like my life was off balance, and that something was always missing.

Naturally, I ignored those feelings! I pushed on, grinding myself into the ground and truly believing that this was how my life was meant to be.

Then, in January of 2014, I suffered major heart failure. I underwent surgery and spent 15 days in the hospital, followed up with six months of some painfully slow recovery. I was forced to relax, because… well, frankly, there wasn’t much more I could do! But during that time, I realized a lot of different things. My values changed. My priorities changed. My motivation changed. And surprisingly, slowly but surely, I started discovering and enjoying the things that really make me happy.

In September of 2015, I started thinking about making some permanent changes in my life. I decided to focus on having less, and experiencing more. My Tiny House Trip will chronicle these life changes, and the impact they have on mine (and others) well being. My goal is to purchase or build (or a combination of the two) a tiny house, and embark on a trip across North America, spending 2-4 weeks in every state. I look forward to sharing this journey with anyone who’s willing!

Sorry for the brief introduction, but we have time.


PS. The image on this post isn’t my house, it’s just a tiny house design I really like. It’s the Tiny Living model by Tiny Home Builders. Check them out when you get a chance at

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